Good Morning Gato #17 – Fervor and Loafing

It’s Friday, which means it’s time to relax, time to prepare for a weekend full of excitement and time to gather around the monitor to read the latest edition of Good Morning Gato. This edition of Good Morning Gato.

Please, step inside, pull up a chair and grab a cup of complimentary punch from the back table. It’s 100% free, 90% water and 8% high fructose corn syrup.

Vampire Smile’s Gigs
You may have noticed this Tweet that was sent out into the interwebs by our very own James. You may have also been scratching your head, wondering exactly how an Xbox LIVE Arcade game such as Vampire Smile could take up 6.86GB of data and still make it to the XBLA, let alone attempt fit on a DVD. The simple explanation is that the game itself isn’t that large, silly. The 6.86 gigs of Vampire Smile data is a BUNCH of high res source imagery, uncompressed audio and other “stuff” (In fact, as far as game source goes, 6.86 gigs is light).

Come release, Vampire Smile will be thin, trim and compressed to the max. Now you know and the more you know the better. Usually.

E3 Plans: Confirmed
A few envelopes made their way into the Ska Studios mailbox (presumably delivered by the postman, but we cannot be certain) and inside each carefully sealed package were paper badges. Paper E3 badges that grant access to the event of the year! Scratch that, the video game event of the DECADE!

Can you tell that team Ska Studios is excited for the impending E3 Los Angeles trip? We are. Perhaps, too excited if that is at all possible.

Normalcy Activate!
Now that I’m back in New York, fresh from the week long Minnesota trip, things around the studio should be back to normal (or to whatever sense of “normal” we attempted to establish.) That means that James will be forced to work non-stop, but King of the Hill will remain looping on Netflix.

Until next week, good night to you and to our very own Gato.