Good Morning Gato #16 – A Plethora of Viking-Related Business

This week’s update is going to be a tad bit short in length, because Dustin is in Minnesota on a moving mission and James is busy … playing Alan Wake. But we still have some entertaining words for you to look over and a traveling story to tell, so keep reading and relax. It’s Good Morning Gato!

Vampire Smile Travels To Minnesota
On Wednesday, I packed the suitcases and flew from Albany International Airport (home of FREE wifi and electrical outlets as far as the eye can see) to Minneapolis, Minnesota. The main mission was to visit family and do some apartment moving, but a secondary mission was to bring the latest build of The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile over to the team at Game Informer, which is coincidentally headquartered in Minneapolis as well.

The Game Informer room of game demoing and people meeting.
After finding my way through the warehouse district, to the GI HQ and navigating the elevator system (thanks Phil!), Jeff, Matt and Tim invited me into their meeting/hangout/demo room which not only houses every gaming system and accessory ever produced, but also a bunch of gaming decor including a life-sized Snake.

Sneaky Snake is sneaky.
I spent the next hour or two showing off new Vampire Smile hotness and gave the guys some hands on with the campaign along with a selection of the arcade levels. All in all, it was a great trip and with any luck, Game Informer will have some juicy hands-on Vampire Smile deets in the months to come. Until then, I have to pack and get my butt back to New York.

A Message, From Gato
Oh, and Gato says “meow-meow-meowy MEOW!” That’s cat speak for “I want a new cardboard scratchy pad, RIGHT NOW!”