Good Morning Gato #15 – Dust Bunnies in Downfall

That is Gato. She is chilling, doing her relaxing thing and sticking her tongue out. She is also alert. Alert of the development that is going on with Vampire Smile and alert of the fact that a new edition of Good Morning Gato awaits your eyes.

Suhweet Vampire Smile Ink
Earlier this week we proudly showcased yet another Ska Studios first: the first ever fan-submitted Vampire Smile tattoo! The proud owner of the new ink is Andrew C. and features The Dishwasher’s sister Yuki wielding a giant syringe. Translation: The tattoo is totally awesome and is a lifetime of dedication to Ska Studios that we stand behind and greatly encourage 😀

Studio Life
As far as work at the studio goes, development on Vampire Smile has been chugging along. Fresh coats of polish are being applied here and there, plenty of fixes are being put in place and the general level of fun’icity is being tallied using a proprietary logarithmic calculation. James was even able to reach a recent development milestone ON SCHEDULE, which is a kind of a big deal for him. I’m so very proud.

The One Month Countdown
In under one month’s time, E3 2010 will kick off and with it, James will step onto the brightly lit stage to show off his latest work … actually, that is NOT going to happen 😉

In reality, we do not have anything to showcase at E3, but will be attending to mingle, see the sights and talk business with business folks. E3 season is always an exciting time and I’m more than sure (doubly sure!) that this year’s show will be fresh and fun.  Gonna be at E3?  Hit us up for food, fracas, and fine spirits!  And yes, readability did just take a backseat to alliteration.

End Scene
That’s it for the week. I (Dustin) will be headed back to Minnesota next week to take care of some moving business and will also be stopping by the Game Informer offices. Don’t worry, you can still expect a GM Gato update as I’m extremely organized and uber reliable. Until then, sleep well.