Good Morning Gato #13 – With Intense Concentration!

The sun is shining, summer is almost here and lots of hard work is being put into Vampire Smile. So much blood, sweat and tears that our little Gato tuckered herself out and needed a rest. Then again, she doesn’t really do anything more than lay around anyway … perhaps laying around is just as tiring as actually developing a game?

Last Chance: Half Off Dead Samurai
Have you heard? You can download The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai for 50% off the normal rate! But you best hurry, because you only have until this Sunday, May 2nd to take advantage of the savings. So, for those who have yet to snag a digital copy of The Dishwasher and are an Xbox LIVE Gold subscriber, we give you permission to stop reading this update to click here and make your purchase. You’re welcome and thank you.

Testing And (Yup) More Testing
Testing. That’s the word that best describes what this week has been about. Testing Vampire Smile‘s co-op support, testing arcade levels, testing leaderboards and testing to make sure achievements do the “bleep bloop” thing. While I realize this news isn’t really all that exciting or glamorous, it’s a fact of development. One week you’re animating lovely pictures, other weeks you are coming up with creative ideas and other times you are just testing. This week was a testing week. That’s really it.
Fishing For Merch Feedback
We launched the official Ska Studios online store a few months back and now we think that it’s a good time to get some feedback. If you purchased anything from the store (or at our PAX booth) let us know what you think about your Ska branded goods. Additionally, we’re kicking around the idea of adding new items to the catalog later this year. If you have a merchandise request or idea, speak up and share your wisdom. It’s all about you, what you want, what you like and what makes you happy. Share your thoughts.

End Scene
We’re wrapping up this week’s Good Morning Gato with this, a link to the litter box of Gato’s dreams.