Good Morning Gato #12 – Piercing Stare of Wit!

Deals and money savings? Check. Co-op code talk? Double check. Light switches being turned off? Done. That’s right, this week’s Good Morning Gato has all of that stuff PLUS a picture of Gato uncharacteristically flaunting her girly side. (Pink is definitely her color.)

50% Off Dead Samurai
From April 26th through May 2nd, those of you who have yet to spend your Microsoft points on The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai will have the golden opportunity to purchase it for half the normal price. Using division and conversion skills that I learned in elementary school, that’s exactly 400 Microsoft points or $5. This savings is a part of Microsoft’s Deal of the Week program which requires Xbox LIVE Gold subscription status to see the savings. Silver members need not apply.

To recap: One week only. Dead Samurai for $5. Buy it. Thank you.

Vampire Smile Co-op Coding Craziness
This week, James decided to move the studio’s two dev kits over to his corner nook and proceeded to setup two monitors side-by-side. What’s with the re-arranging? Well, co-op support is being added to Vampire Smile and I’ve been informed that it’s easier to add co-op to a game when all the dev stuff is in one area. Go figure.

These past few days, James has been writing magic co-op code for Vampire Smile and testing the heck out of it. A few times I was asked to help with the testing process, but I ended up breaking the game three times in one day. Needless to say, I wasn’t asked to help test again.

The takeaway here is that Vampire Smile‘s arcade co-op is at a very (gory and violent) playable state. Campaign co-op still needs some more dev love, but I’m sure every game feature will need a bit more love before ship date.

Lights Off
That’s it for this week’s slightly light edition of Good Morning Gato. I’m about to flip the switch and turn the lights out … get ready … here we go … and … *flip* Goodbye!