Good Morning Gato #11 – Even Dev Kits Are Not Safe

On this eleventh edition of Good Morning Gato, we talk about a few of our recent Vampire Smile development milestones, Gato’s love of stuffed animals and we even share a hint of what news is to come early next week. But enough buildup, let’s just get to it!

Leaderboards Are For Leaders and Achievements Are For Achievers
A couple Vampire Smile development milestones have been reached this week. Two milestones that are so exciting that we need not hype them up any further as the next sentence will be enough to excite: Ladies and gents, Achievements and leaderboards have been implemented and are now online (thunderous applause)!

Want more details? Well, you’ll just have to wait. What I can confirm is that the odd Gamerscore values that were featured in Dead Samurai are a thing of the past. Vampire Smile‘s Achievements all feature Gamerscore values that are multiples of five thanks to the outpouring of hate mail and threats James received from OCD gamers who cringe at the thought of having a Gamercard with a non-traditional value. Sleep well knowing that Vampire Smile will not “ruin” your Gamerscore 😉

Dev Kits Are Fun
If this week’s Gato picture wasn’t clear enough for you to make out that she is sitting on a fancy Xbox 360 dev kit, then allow us to confirm that Vampire Smile now lives on expensive dev kits. Remember, James does all his development using the XNA framework which can run on plain old retail Xbox 360s. The move over to dev kits is a necessary step later in the process for all types of testing scenarios and the implementation of other goodies, like achievements.

Now we just have to guard against Gato’s rogue hairballs from clogging up the kits. “Operation Protect Dev Kits From Kitty Hair” is now in full effect. Stand by.

Gato Is A Stuffed Animal Lover
Speaking of Gato. I thought I would randomly mention that she loves carrying around stuffed animals, beanie toys and pretty much anything that is animal looking and small enough to fit in her mouth. See, she randomly brings stuffed toys from upstairs, carries them down the spiral staircase and adorably plops the toys on the living room floor. Interesting though is the fact that I have never personally seen her carry the stuffed toys or witness her transportation method. It’s my goal to one day witness Gato with a beanie animal in her mouth, take a picture and post it here. It will happen … one day.

This Is A Goodbye
Next week (I’d say probably around Tuesday’ish) we will share some money-saving news with you. Then again, the news could come out on Monday. Hmmm, I’m not entirely sure. No matter, because the news is coming sometime early next week and right now it’s “this week.” So, wait until next week at which point we will have a brief chat about special deals.

Now go and have a fantastical weekend!