Good Morning Gato #10 – I Am Gato, Devourer of Life

Can you tell that Gato likes bamboo? It’s true, she does. She likes it almost as much as she likes dreaming about playing The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile. Seeing as she is a cat and doesn’t have fingers, Gato can only dream of how magical it would be to actually play the game. Anyway, the point is that Gato likes bamboo.

This Is A No Bloom Zone
James has been working on Vampire Smile non-stop since we got back from PAX East and recently decided (for now, anyway) to make some small adjustments to the game. Most notably in the “pretty visuals” department, he has done away with the bloom shader effect. It’s the filter that blooms up the entire screen and gives the game that “whoa, staring at the sun on a hot summer day makes everything seem so saturated and white” feel.

The removal of the shader effect was initially done to free up system resources so that things run more smoothly when the action gets intense, but also had the secondary benefit of making the Vampire Smile art look more crisp, rigid and sexified. Heck, I’ll go on record to say that I much prefer the new non-bloom look. That said, if for some reason the shader is reinstated in the final build, you will have to act like you never read this post and I’ll have to learn to never voice my opinion on anything development related. Agreed?

Eee Three Two Ten
That’s super secret code for E3 2010, the biggest gaming industry event of the year that is taking place in Los Angeles mid June and team Ska will be there! (We have hotel reservations, flight itineraries and expensive receipts to prove it.) To be clear, Ska Studios will be ATTENDING E3, not exhibiting anything mainly because we are indie and don’t print money like the Nintendo DS. If you will be attending E3 or will be in the LA area in June, don’t be shy, say hi to us and introduce yourself. We promise not to bite.

Charlie Murder Confusion
So, yeah … Charlie Murder didn’t quite make its promised March release date. That fact mixed with other internet talk has understandably left Charlie fans scratching their heads in confusion. We want to apologize to those who are affected by the delay and are unable to sleep. Our bad.

Right now we can’t comment on Charlie Murder‘s release, but I can promise you that details (and clarity) will be available in the near future. Last we heard, the Charlie Murder band still has some internal band drama to work out and our calls to Dr. Phil have gone unanswered. While we sort out things with the Charlie guys, we just ask for your patience.

L8R G8R!!?
Until next week, enjoy the Spring weather and get a tan. Friend to friend honesty; you’re looking a bit pale.