Good Morning Gato #7 – The Panel Approves

Penny. Arcade. Expo. That’s all we’re thinking about lately. Making plans, spending money and working to complete both the Vampire Smile and Charlie Murder game demos. We’re just busy being busy.

PAX’ifying Vampire Smile
James is hard at work in front of his game creation station, hammering on his keyboard and tapping away on his magical tablet device. He is currently working on the PAX East demo of The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile and is making fine adjustments to maximize its awesomeness – of which we’re certain future players will appreciate. The plan (which admittedly can change from now until showtime) is to offer up two unique and completely separate Vampire Smile experiences. Oops, did I just let the cat Gato out of the bag on that one? Yes. Yes I did.

Charlie Murder Too!
Lately, we’ve been asked a lot about Charlie Murder and when exactly in March it will release. That’s a reasonable question seeing that Charlie Murder oozes punk rock punkness of which most anyone would want a piece of. Sadly, we do not have any details to share … yet.

There are behind the scenes actions being taken and talks being, well … talked. Both of which we have no influence over. For now, know that the Charlie Murder band is eager to take the Xbox stage and that we will let you know about release info when we get word. If you can’t wait, don’t forget that Charlie will be playable at our booth during PAX East.

Vampire Smile PAX Buttons
You’ve already seen the Z0MB1ES collection of our free PAX East mini buttons as well as the Charlie Murder ones. Now, for your button loving enjoyment, here is the final mini-buttons collection featuring gorgeous (and gruesome) Vampire Smile artwork. Tada! Remember, all of these buttons will be available (in limited quantities) for free at our PAX East booth. So, stop by and get the goods while the gettings are good.

Two weeks to go until PAX and that’s all we’re thinking about. As a result, there will be no witty end to this blog, because I have other obligations to tend to. Stay safe, stay clothed and have a great weekend.