Good Morning Gato #6 – Merchtastic!

Phew, what a week! Not only did we announce a major sales milestone AND hold a nifty Twitter giveaway, but we also got around to finally launching our online store of merchandise greatness. Of uber greatness, in fact. Click below, step inside and learn what’s going on this week at Ska Studios HQ in this edition of Good Morning Gato.

Z0MB1ES Joins the 200,000 Club
The number 200,000. It’s the average number of glasses of milk a cow provides in her lifetime and is now the number of copies I MAED A GAM3 W1TH Z0MB1ES 1NIT!!!1 has sold on Xbox LIVE Indie Games. (Celebratory cheer!) It’s obviously quite the sales accomplishment that you helped us achieve and (from what we understand) makes it the best selling Indie Games title of all time. Let us all raise our glasses of chilled milk to continued Z0MB1ES success and another 200,000. Bottoms up.

Hot and Fresh Merchandise. Come Get Some!
The Ska Studios online store. Every week for the past month we talked about it, teased about what products it would house and gave vague answers to when it would open up. Well, friends, forget all that prior talk because the Ska Studios online store is now open for business!

We partnered with the dudes over at Merch Lackey who will ultimately be the ones you hand over your money to and direct all customer service inquiries at. But James is the one who actually designed the goods and was able to fill the online store with gruesomely fashionable Vampire Smile t-shirts, tour trendy Charlie Murder wearables, Z0MB1ES threads and a couple high quality posters. Swing over to the online store and take a look around or stop by our PAX East booth from March 26-28th where we’ll have the complete Ska Studios collection available for purchase.

Sneak A Peak At Our FREE PAX East Buttons
The last time we talked free PAX mini-buttons we showed off our Z0MB1ES collection. This week we have for you picture proof that Charlie Murder mini buttons exist and will also be available for free as our gift to you just for visiting our PAX East booth. That’s punk rock awesomeness.

The countdown is on and PAX East nears just over the horizon. We’re busy putting together a demo build of The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile, purchasing booth items, getting all our ducks cats in a row and being all busy and such. So, we’ll get back to work and you continue to be you. Bye now.