Good Morning Gato #4 – Alarming Developments

The overall atmosphere at Ska Studios is a rich blend of excitement and anticipation with a subtle undertone of anxiety. Even the company cats have been infected with the fervorous feeling, causing them to act as if they have been on a 72 hour catnip bender with not a wink of sleep. It’s truly that intense here at Ska HQ and for good reason.

Fervor Shine!
Word across the interwebs is that The Dishwasher has become the spokesperson for a brand of Japanese dish detergent called Fervor Shine! While we can’t deny or confirm The Dishwasher’s involvement with Fervor Shine – mainly due to the fact that he can only be contacted via his agent who is unreachable as he’s going through a bitter divorce and is attempting to escape his feelings with an extended stay in Las Vegas – we can commit to keeping you updated with the facts when we get more clarity on the situation.

That said, those Fervor Shine folks know how to get on our good side, because out of all the things Ska Studios enjoys in life, a good old fashioned countdown clock ranks high on that list. Our expectations grow with each passing second and we can’t help but wonder what happens when there are no more ticks to tock and the clock strikes zero.

Ska Wearable Goods Update
Here’s a quick update on the upcoming release of Ska branded wearables, presented in a semi-creative Q&A format where we act as if we were answering real, fan submitted questions:

Q: Are you done designing those super awesome Ska Studios t-shirts yet?
A: Yes sir (or ma’am), we’re done with the designs! James put digital pen to paper and churned out some darn amazing tee artwork.

Q: So, can we see those designs now?
A: Whoa partner, not just yet. It’s called patience. Be patient.

Q: But I have all this money that I want to spend on your goodies.
A: Good point. We like your money and will take it from you in exchange for product in a few weeks time. That’s a promise.

Q: Will we get to see Gato modeling the new clothing?
A: Actually, that’s an interesting idea. One that could turn out to be rather adorable or end up with PETA knocking on our door in protest. We’ll consider it.

Don’t forget, “the goods” will be available for purchase in our online store and at our PAX East booth. Be sure to save your pennies.

Let’s Wrap This Up Like A Burrito
That’s it for this week. Of course, we could end with even more vague hints of next Wednesday’s news to build up even more excitement, but that is what a countdown clock is for. See you on the 24th!