Good Morning Gato #3 – Attack of the Rat Creature Attention Hog

BIG Gato
Hello internet. May we say that you’re looking darn nice today? Because you are. May we also say that here, in the inner sanctum of Ska Studios, we’re busy. So super-crazy busy that we attempted to put the company cats (Gato and Neko) to work by offering them office jobs like sorting mail, debugging code and cleaning out their shared litter box. As you can gather from this week’s picture, they lazily declined our offer. Oh well. Us humans will keep working, keep making video game magic and keep updating you on our progress.

Speaking of which, there’s more of that Ska Studios news update stuff after the break.

Star Ratings of Ratingness
After consulting with our balding code monkey, we came up with a way to improve how we gather feedback from you. The genius idea: stars! Yup, mesmerizing AJAX rating stars that can be found at the bottom of every blog post. These little stars give you the superpowers to rate each post when you’re feeling too lethargic to comment.

It’s easy. Enjoy the blog post so much that you have an intense laugh attack? Rate that extra hilarious blog 5 stars. Offended by the words we spew? Go ahead, click the 1 star option. Mildly entertained by our words but slightly disgusted by the news? Click in the middle for a 3 star rating. Each of your clicks gives us valuable feedback and gives you the comforting feeling that your voice is being heard.

PAX Freebies For You
Those who are traveling to Boston for the March 26-28th PAX East expo will not only find us there, but will also insta-receive freebies! Ska Studios supplied freebies in the form of darn fantastic (and ever so trendy) mini buttons featuring art from your favorite Ska characters (The Dishwasher and Z0MB1ES) as well as your future favorite characters like the dudes from the upcoming Charlie Murder. We’re eager to show off our collection of metal pin wears, but figured we would show off the goodies in the weeks to come in an effort to maintain some sort of ongoing suspense. For now, here’s your first look at two of the numerous button designs that will be available for FREE, exclusively at the Ska Studios PAX East booth. Don’t ever say we didn’t give you anything.

OMG News Next Week? You Don’t Say?
We’ve been teasing a lot lately about “big things to come” and news that’s so fantastic that it’ll cause rainbows to shoot from your eyes. While we can’t guarantee that our announcement will make colorful beams of light shoot from your eye sockets, we can guarantee that next week will be the start of some exciting stuff. We don’t want to spoil anything just yet, so we’ll say this: be on the lookout for Ska’riffic details making their way onto the interwebs next week.

Keep clean and have a great weekend.