Good Morning Gato #2 – The Second Awakening

This second edition of Good Morning Gato is going to be light on those oh so important newsworthy bits. While that statement alone may have already sent a few readers away and back to their Facebook stalking, the remaining majority of Ska Studios fans who are reading this very sentence can still bite into a freshly baked blog of enlightenment. One that’s high in fat and comes with an extra smattering of marshmallow sauce that’s sure to expand your waistline. In a good way, of course.

PAX East Planning
It should come as no surprise that team Ska Studios will be exhibiting its little heart out at next month’s PAX East expo. In our totally bias opinion, the Ska Studios booth will be a pretty fancy setup that comes complete with video game demos, swag, mood lighting and FREE photos with the mad genius behind Ska Studios: James Silva. (Conversation with him will cost extra.) So, the answer is yes. We will be at the nearly sold out PAX East expo in full force, meaning you should totally empty your bank account and buy a PAX ticket right this very moment. More booth details to come in the weeks ahead.

Z0MB1ES Still Marching
We wanted to take this hunk of update space to express our sincere gratitude for you and your continued support of I MAED A GAM3 W1TH Z0MB1ES 1NIT!!!1. Never did we imagine that Z0MB1ES would end up being the most played best selling Xbox Live Indie Games title of 2009 and, nearly six months after its release, be the #2 best selling Indie Games title. We promised ourselves that we wouldn’t get all emotional, so we’ll express ourselves as simply as possible and move right along; thank you for your continued support!

Merch Identified
Smell that? It’s the 100% cotton, all natural fibers smell of official Ska Studios merchandise coming to an online store (and PAX East booth) near you. After crunching the financial digits, listening to your feedback and doing our best to identify the best place to start this merch venture, we came up with a magical launch lineup of goodies for your purchasing consumption. As of eight minutes ago, an executive order has been passed and Ska Studios merchandise will be comprised of a selection of wearable t-shirts and not so wearable posters. While we can’t get into talking specific designs, colors or paper stock, we can confirm that all merch will be certified “awesome” by an independent agency and be as affordable as possible. We’re all about looking out for the little guy’s wallet, because we aren’t a soulless corporate conglomerate … yet.

The Gato Archive
As you know, Gato’s kitty hotness can be seen here, each and every Friday as our welcoming header on each Good Morning Gato post. But did you know that her ferociously feline self is on Facebook too? It’s true! We created a continuously updated Good Morning Gato picture archive over on the official Ska Studios Facebook page. We’re sure there are numerous uses for such a photo gallery, we just can’t think of an example at the moment. Use your imagination.

We Out
Be warned that way, way more exciting news is coming in the weeks ahead. We’re talking face melting, exciting news of insanely epic proportions here. Seriously.

For now, that’s it. We out.