Good Morning Gato #1 – Rise And Shine

Here it is, our inaugural Good Morning Gato blog post of somewhat epic proportions. This be an informative blog that is penned weekly by Ska Studios’ own developer extraordinaire Mr. James Silva or (in this unique instance) the company grunt, Sir Dustin of York. This space will focus on company news, project updates and other Ska randomness sprinkled with insightful commentary on life. We’re going as far as to claim that each and every Friday edition of Good Morning Gato will be the highlight of your week and will come with the added secondary benefit of flipping your frown into a happy face.

What’s This “Gato” You Speak Of?
What’s with the name “Good Morning Gato?” It’s simple, really. Gato (pictured above in all her fluffy cuteness) is Ska Studios’ own resident feline and every morning she wakes up and walks about the office performing various cat acts. While going about her routine, everyone is required (by company creed) to acknowledge her presence with a hearty “GOOD MORNING GATO!” and, well … that’s it. Maybe that explanation doesn’t make much sense, but all you really need to know is that Good Morning Gato is the name of our weekly update and will be delivered to you each and ever Friday. Free of hairballs, of course.

If you look up top at our navigation bar you’ll notice a special Merch section that doesn’t really offer up any Ska Studios branded goodies to buy. But before you scream “filthy frauds!”, there’s a simple explanation: we don’t have any merchandise to sell. We’re fixing that and soon (very soon) you’ll be able to buy comfy wearables that are branded with your favorite Ska game slogans, logos and other awesome.

Seeing as we’re armpit deep in the idea generation / design phase, we’re open to hearing your merch suggestions. If you have interest in a certain type of product or want to share your design ideas, feel free to comment your thoughts below and we’ll take your feedback into consideration. We’re all about that “listening” thing.

Charlie Murder Is Alive
For the handful of you who live under rocks at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, we should mention that last week we announced a new Xbox Live Indie Games title, Charlie Murder. At the moment, we don’t have much information to share, but we do have this list of bulleted facts:

  • Charlie Murder is a punk rock, 4 player beat ’em up game of indie proportions.
  • The tentative release date is March 2010.
  • Pricing for the title is considered to be “affordable”.
  • Charlie Murder is on Facebook

There you go, it’s Charlie Murder. Indie Games’ punk rock savior.

Getting Social
Ska Studios – along with every person from your kid sister Maggie to auntie Jean and every business sector from auto insurance to cheesecake manufacturers – is hooked up to the social network. That’s our not so pushy way of telling you that we’re on Twitter and Facebook as we’re certain you want to add us. You do want to add us … right?

We Out
And so concludes Ska Studios’ very first Good Morning Gato post of weekly occurrence. Don’t forget to stop back here next week for your second heaping helping of text goodness. Exciting stuff is in the works.