And then i forget to keep E3 blogging…

We’re two days in to E3 and, pretty true to trends, I’ve managed to forget to blog again. The best reason for this is that I have essentially no wireless Internet at my hotel, so the day is saved only by the fact that I have an iPhone.

Still, I should relate a few cool things that have happened:

– Jeff Gerstmann impromptu interviewed me. I’ve always wanted to meet him, so I gushed like an idiot the whole time. Seriously.

– I realized that El Pollo Loco sells magical grilled burritos that have that power to end all forms of sadness and suffering.

– Walking 1.3 miles to and from the center every day gets old fast, but I still welcome the challenge!

– My experience is completely unlike David Jaffe’s whatever that means.

Fun, fun.

I update on Twitter much more frequently, name is @Jamezila.