Dish Challenge

My roommate just reclaimed the #2 spot on Dish Challenge with 573,247,350.  Looks like Spear of Lament is currently #1, with an insane score of 735,225,250.  Meanwhile, I’m at #274 with an uber-pathetic score of 97,542,900, partly because the only time I tried it after launch was Dishwasher Day and I’d already had a few cups of wine, as my mom was keen to point out.  Yes, my mom drove out for Dishwasher Day.

Anyway, maybe we should talk about how the scoring works!  

Every time you hit someone, the combo meter fills up.  You don’t want the combo meter to run out, if you do, the combo ends.  Arsenal is great for linking combos together–shooting down-but-not-executed enemy is great for keeping that meter full.

Every time you hit someone who has some health left, you get damage * 100 points.

Every time you kill someone, for clean and messy kills you get their max health * 50 points, for other kills you get their max health * 150 points.  Why the discrepancy?  Well, let’s talk about multipliers.

As you rack up hits and kills, you’re racking up multipliers; when your combo meter runs out, you get points * multiplier score.

Here’s the breakdown on multipliers:

  • Hit = 0.25x
  • Normal Kill = 2x
  • Messy Kill = 5x
  • Clean Kill = 5x

So, if we kill a bad guy with 40 HP, we get:

  • 40hp * 100 = 4000 from damage
  • 40hp * 150 = 6000 from death
  • 8 hits * 0.25x = 2x from hits
  • +2x from death = 4x multiplier
  • 10000 * 4x multiplier = 40000

But, kill the same guy with a mesy or clean kill, and we get:

  • 40hp * 100 = 4000 from damage
  • 40hp * 50 = 2000 from death
  • 8 hits * 0.25x = 2x from hits
  • +5x from death = 7x multiplier
  • 6000 * 7x multiplier = 42000

Of course, if you try to do all this math in your head while playing Dish Challenge, you’ll probably die.  Not in real life, I mean.