I wrote a book (and some dude hates it)!

I get lots and lots of emails asking how I made The Dishwasher, which is cool, so I wrote a book (with the help of John Sedlak) on pretty much everything I did when making The Dishwasher so that others could benefit from the experience.  The book is pretty straightforward and hopefully a fun read.  It’s available for $26 on

Some dude already hates it:

I have been developing small footprint games for 9 years and coding for another 11. I wanted a book to get me started on XNA and since I already had the basics I was looking for a practical approach which allowed me to hit the ground running.

Unfortunately this book isn’t it. It provides little substance and leaves a lot of the important details out. I wonder if they just thought of making a quick buck after winning a small gaming award.

Well, you can’t please them all!  My book sets out to explain how to make The Dishwasher, no more, no less.  I probably should have put up a disclaimer somewhere!  Critics…

(For the record, about a year ago APress approached me after I won a small gaming award and asked if I’d like to write a book detailing how I made the game that won the small gaming award, so here we are.)

Anyway, if you want to know how to make The Dishwasher (and use that as a springboard for jumping into all things gaming), buy my book!  If you want a more general overview of all things XNA, don’t buy my book!