Status Update!

To divert your attention from the late night rant below, here’s a Dishwasheriffic status update:

  • The Dishwasher has a million, billion bugs.  I’m fixing them all very quickly.
  • The GDC build of The Dishwasher was sort of slow.  The frame rate hovered around 30.  This has been fixed–it’s now a steady 60!
  • I’m locking the screen size at 1280 x 720.  I figured that because all of my favorite AAA games do this, I’ll do it too.  This addresses frame rate fluctuations and cramped menu issues.
  • The dishwasher’s weapons and clothes now get stained by blood (small detail).
  • There is now a Ranked story mode–it’s a brutal difficulty that’s roughly the same difficulty as Samurai.  Ranked is more strict, but playing ranked obviously allows you to compare score and speed against the rest of the world.
  • The game supports 3 player co-op in story mode (unranked only).  It’s kind of messy.  I’m going to make it a little less messy.

It’s been a wild ride, but I’m nearing the end of the tunnel!