GDC and Me!

I’m at GDC!

I got to step on stage for a minute or so during the keynote and play some Dishwasher.  Joystiq loves me, they really do.

GDC and Me

Gamespot got to play the game at the demo kioks.  They did a hands-on, with nice bits like:

The terrific visual design is replete with muddy blacks and rusty reds, and we especially loved the splashes of blood that splattered against the screen and trickled down. Ska Software has delivered a demo with remarkable potential, and we look forward to getting our hands on the complete product.

A trial of The Dishwasher is available on XBL for a very limited time.  Also, this crazy video they made about me should be on XBL somewhere.

This has been an awesome week–so far I’ve met a bunch of Bungie guys, Cliffy B and his lancer (he does impressions), Itagaki-san (major Dishwasher influence right there) and Peter Molyneux, who gave me lots of interesting advice.  It’s a bit surreal to get attention from a total industry icon.

I’ve also been chillaxing with the XNA team a bit, which has been a kind of neat experience all around: I’ve been working with the XNA framework–their baby–for over a year now, and they’ve been watching XNA being promoted by The Dishwasher–my baby–for about the same amount of time.

More updates to come!