Trapped in Chicago…

I’m trapped in O’Hare in Chicago. I was supposed to fly back to Syracuse last night but my flight was canceled. I slept in the airport for a few hours, and am getting a lot of work done today (though haggard as anything). My flight out of here is supposed to be at 6:55 PM tonight, but it’s snowing like crazy out there and about 1/3 of all the flights on the screens are canceled. Fingers crossed I may someday see my beloved upstate NY.

I made a friend here, who I’ve named Bess Fren Inna Whole Why Whirl. Here are pictures:

fren1.jpg fren2.jpg

Yeah, I’m going nuts.

Update: my friend AJ wants me to mention that she’s helping me, through advanced technology such as AIM, along the road to insanity.  She’s no Bess Fren, but she tries.