Halo 3

Like most people out there (I hear) I got a copy of Halo 3. It’s a pretty sweet game, though, like others, I tend to think the single player experience skimped out a bit while still being pretty awesome.

Of course, we all know that multiplayer is where it really shines. I’ve only played a couple of games and already I’ve come across a lot of new content or better use of content that the campaign lets you play with for a grand total of about a minute. Spartan Laser, anyone?

I guess the prevailing idea for a good game is less repetitiveness = better game, but I tend to like familiarity. When they keep throwing new concepts at the player, it starts to feel like by the time you get used to one thing, they’ve moved you on to the next, and you never get to feel totally lethal because you’re always a bit bewildered (and bewildered and lethal are pretty much polar opposites). That being said, guess which gritty, gothic comic art style XBLA game on the horizon is awash with repetition?

I do have a stupid Halo 3-related question that needs to be answered–how on Earth do you search for a multiplayer Campaign game? I’ve found matchmaking, and have been able to start local Campaign games that other XBL users can evidently join, but is there any way to search for a Campaign game or are Campaign games expected to populate solely on invites? Seems like a dumb question, but I need resolution.

Anyway, I’d better get back to Dishwasher stuff. I’ve been playing around with adding the Katana into non-Katana weapons, which doesn’t change gameplay much but looks pretty cool. When the Dishwasher slams a cyborg while dual wielding a chainsaw and Katana, it just looks like it seriously hurts.