Dishwashirts Delayed…

Unfortunately, the first run of Dishwashirts hit some snags–I had been trying to work with an online T-shirt screen printing company for awhile and eventually got frustrated, gave up, and asked for cancellation and a refund.

I feel like I had become some sort of uber-nitpicky awful customer, but they had a pretty good-sized laundry list of screwups.  Among them were:

  • Spelling vectorize “victories”
  • Scaling down a very high res bitmap (~ 4000 x 3000) to about 400×300 and sticking the pixelated mess in the art proof
  • Ignoring/overlooking roughly 5 of my requests to move the front logo from the right chest to the left chest
  • Sending me proofs days after I had sent them nice vector graphics that still had the nasty pixelated art

Granted, I kept looking at the picture and realizing it needed tweaking, then resending them new art, then getting frustrated; I feel like if I had exactly the right format files looking the way I wanted them to in the first place, I would have Dishwashirts by now.  But honestly–with a track record like theirs, I’m just not comfortable with ordering $500 worth of shirts from this company.  Maybe they’re really good at printing shirts and really awful at printing proofs and following directions (prior to the final printing of course), but I just didn’t feel like risking it.

To make matters worse, when I asked to cancel the order they told me the errors and miscommunication issues were my fault.  They was partially my fault because I kept trying to change things, but blaming the customer is completely unprofessional, and yet another black mark on this print shop’s record.

On the plus side, I got more time to clean up the back image!  The posture just was not settling right with the part of my brain that determines whether postures look right, so I moved some body parts around and am now more satisfied still!  So thank you, T-Shirt company, for saving my design.
Behold the new back design!

Behold the new mockup as well!

So, if you know of any shirt printing companies, please recommend them.  I’m a little fragile from the last ordeal.