PAX Prime 2014 Info

Going to PAX? Here’s your one stop spot for all Ska Studios PAX happenings.

You can find us within the Indie MEGABOOTH, booth number 783, indicated by the red circle on this here map!

We’ll be there showing our new game, talking to people, perhaps signing things and selling some merch. For further map-type-graphics, check out the handy Penny Arcade Expo guidebook!

5 Comments August 27, 2014 posted by Shelldragon

Good Morning Gato #148 – The Waiting Game


2 Comments August 22, 2014 posted by Shelldragon

Good Morning Gato #147 – The Coming Months

It’s that time of year again: time for the PAX Prime panic shuffle. For those of you who managed to snag a pass, we not only will be at PAX, but we’ll be participating in not one, but two panels this year!

7 Comments August 1, 2014 posted by Shelldragon

Good Morning Gato #146 – Herp de Derp

We’re now in the final stretch of Charlie Murder free with Games with Gold. The patch is out! Hooray! Everyone can get their last Achievement and merch is half off still! Sweet!

16 Comments June 27, 2014 posted by Shelldragon

Charlie Murder Title Update is Live!

It’s hereeee! We are jumping up and down in excitement!
Here’s what you can expect in this Title Update:

*I’m Thorough Achievement – collect all the relics ~ The Jeweled Cross has been removed and the player requires the 54 unique relics to complete this achievement.
*Private Matches can no longer be joined by public players.
*Players no longer have to fight Circe and Tepes again once they have already been defeated.
*Remote players can no longer pause everyone’s game – Just the host.
*Rex heals more viable, Charlie heals no longer as overpowered.
*Possibly more things James forgot he tweaked and didn’t write down. Will update this list as he remembers. x_X

I also am taking this opportunity to remind you all of the rules of the blog which can be found on our About Page. We’d like to keep comments open so keep it respectful. You absolutely may voice your concerns, opinions and requests but if it is disrespectful to us or others, it will be deleted.

51 Comments June 20, 2014 posted by Shelldragon

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