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Ask Ska Studios/FAQ
Here’s a little FAQ page over here!

Contact Ska Studios
For PR/marketing/press:
Email press{@}ska-studios{.}com.
When requesting press keys, please have a way to confirm your email. We cannot give out keys to unconfirmed addresses. Also, please know we may not be able to reply to all requests. We apologize for the inconvenience. We’re also using Keymailer!

Our press kit page can be found here.

For other inquiries:
Our Twitter accounts are @jamezila, @shelldragon and @skastudios.
Email us at contact{@}ska-studios{dot}com but please know it may take some time and we may not reply to all emails.

For bug and feedback reports:
you can head to the Salt and Sanctuary Fextralife Bug Reporting & Feedback forum, the Steam Community Hub bugs forum or that contact email above.


If you’d like to be on our Ska Studios email list, just sign up here! Our emails include any Good Morning Gatos and major updates directly to your inbox. You won’t be emailed junk, just Ska Studios news!

Let’s Play Policy
We fully encourage Let’s Plays of Ska Studios games! We also are totally cool if you monetize your channel. We only ask that you please credit us, Ska Studios, and link to our website http://ska-studios.com. Thanks for playing!

Rules of the Blog
It’s pretty simple. Don’t be rude to us or others so we can keep our comment sections open. Critique and concerns are totally fine as long as they’re done so courteously. If not, your post will be deleted.

Employment at Ska Studios
We are not currently looking to expand, hire or to contract out work, even the unpaid kind such as volunteer QA, beta testers or internships. We appreciate your interest in Ska Studios but we’re very happy and content as a team of two (four if you include the cats). Any help we do need we find through known, trusted networks. Sorry! If this changes and we’re able to do a more open beta later down the road, we’ll let you know!

Unsolicited Idea Submissions / “I have a game idea” Policy
We love that you love us and we love hearing from you. However, we cannot accept or consider unsolicited ideas. Feedback is always welcome but we cannot accept new game ideas, pitches or proposals. Nope, not even that one. Sorry!

If you have a game idea that you really want to see made, we highly suggest getting into game development as a hobby or occupation! That’s how we got started! For more information on that, there are many great resources out there such as Gamasutra. Here’s also a YouTube series I just found by searching Google. Good luck!

About Ska Studios

Ska Studios is a two person, two cat team best known for Xbox LIVE Arcade title The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai, its critically acclaimed followup, The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile, Charlie Murder and Xbox Indie Games smash hit I MAED A GAM3 W1TH Z0MB1ES 1N IT!!!1. We most recently finished Salt and Sanctuary, now available on PlayStation 4, Steam and PSVita.

James “Jamezila” Silva
James is the Lead Dishwasher at Ska Studios, where he writes the codes, draws the pictures, plays the guitar, and taunts the cats mercilessly. A native of infinitely glorious upstate New York (that’s the part that’s not New York City), James has dreamed of making his own videogames ever since he was ten or so. In 2001, he made some game called Zombie Smashers X and naturally assumed that because it was a videogame, and it was hard to make, all of his videogame career dreams were coming true. This was half true. In fact, James would go on to spend the next several years making several so-so games that very few people played (excepting Survival Crisis Z, which has a weird cult following), until he got a totally amazing break with The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai, which launched in 2009. The rest, as they say, is history.
James [splat] ska-studios [dot] com


Michelle “Shelldragon” Silva
When Michelle joined the team in 2011, James lovingly titled her the Art Unicorn. She makes amazing art and manages things like PR, community including the Ska Studios social medias and even the merch store! She began her video game career in the Pacific Northwest after obtaining a BA in Fine Arts in 2007. She started out in her career as a freelance artist and a quality assurance analyst including testing on James’ first game “The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai” which is how the two first met. She has previously worked for Microsoft, WB Games and ArenaNet.
Michelle [splat] ska-studios [dot] com

Ska Studios Alumni

Dustin “Super Dunner” Burg

Dustin worked briefly as Ska Studios’ amazing market coordinator genius. He planned the conventions, talked the talks with press and walked the walks with the community.┬áDustin was always made for great things, however, and now works continuing his marketing coordination at Electronic Arts in the fine city of San Francisco. Dustin is an amazing friend and was even best man at James and Michelle’s wedding!


Team Renegade Radio
Team Renegade Radio is Neko Smart and Gato Maria Hernando Rodriguez-Rodriguez.

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