Happy Holidays from Ska Studios

4 Comments December 21, 2016 posted by Shelldragon

Salt and Sanctuary at PSX 2016 in Anaheim!

We’re going to be at PlayStation Experience once again this December 3rd and 4th! Salt and Sanctuary will be there on PS4 and for the first time ever, playable on PSVita. We hope to be able to say soon when Salt and Sanctuary will be available on your PlayStation Vita handheld device, though we won’t know just yet. In the meantime, check it out at PSX! Hope to see you there!

8 Comments November 28, 2016 posted by Shelldragon

Salt and Sanctuary on PlayStation®4 in Japan

Last month, we announced Salt and Sanctuary is now localized for Japan on Steam. We’re working on getting the last pieces of the release puzzle together but with a little luck, on August 18th, Salt and Sanctuary will also be available on PlayStation®4 in Japan! To celebrate, some folks of the Bloodborne team will be playing the day before launch on the video sharing site, Niconico. It will be awesome!

Also of note, as some of you may have seen, the Mac and Linux versions became available on Steam last month, thanks to the talented Ethan Lee, also known as flibitijibibo.

And lastly for now, We will be at PAX Prime again this year! Come stop by and say hi at booth #2828. Behold the map!

Fun fact: one of our cats is named Neko, Japanese for cat. However, we pronounce her name like niko, as in niconico[ニコニコ], a sound effect for smiling. Let’s give Neko a little spotlight for once!

4 Comments August 16, 2016 posted by Shelldragon

Salt and Sanctuary in Japan!

We are very pleased to announce we have partnered with Kakehashi Games to bring Salt and Sanctuary to Japan. We will showing be at BitSummit, a Kyoto Indie Festival, this weekend, July 9th and 10th so stop on by if you live near or happen to be visiting Kyoto, Japan. We’re very excited to be here and BitSummit will be incredible fun!

Salt and Sanctuary is now available in Japanese on Steam and will be in Japan on PlayStation 4 later this year.

6 Comments July 6, 2016 posted by Shelldragon

Salt and Sanctuary Available on Steam Now!

Today is a historic day for Ska Studios. Salt and Sanctuary is our first PlayStation title and is now also our first PC release. Salt and Sanctuary is available today on Steam for $17.99 USD with a 10% launch week discount. Thank you for all your support and we hope you enjoy our first PC title.

31 Comments May 17, 2016 posted by Shelldragon

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