Ask Ska Studios/ FAQ

Hopefully this page of questions asked most frequently will answer your queries and set your mind at ease!

We also have a more expansive, always updating FAQ page with Fextralife! Our About Page includes some other little nuggets of information about us.


Salt and Sanctuary Questions:

These answers are up to date as of 11/10/2016

WHEN?!?!?! is Salt coming out?

Will it be on PC? Mac, Linux?


Can I be a lady?

Is the Vita version still happening?

How much will it cost? Can I pre-order?


Where is Salt and Sanctuary available?

What languages will be supported?


General Questions:

How about your other games? I’d love to see Vampire Smile finally come to PC.

Dishwasher THREEE?!?!

Why are you called Ska Studios? How is your studio name spelled and what’s the correct use of your logo?

I want to buy things from you that are related to your games but aren’t your games because I already have bought them. I want to support you guys.

What do you use to make your games?

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